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Welcome to the 2014 Coerver Michigan 5v5 Cup

Rules for the 2014 Coerver Michigan 5v5 Cup



The COERVER® CUP 5v5 Challenge will be played under FIFA Laws and Regulations in effect with the following modifications:


• Teams must check-in 1 hour prior to their first scheduled game.
• Updated event schedules and event information will be found on the COERVER® CUP web site at
• A team representative may check in the team. Players do not attend Team Check-in.
• Arrange player waiver forms in order to match roster.
• Bring any changes for previously submitted forms per team packet.
• COERVER® Cup 5v5 Challenge Roster will be frozen at Team Check-in. No changes will be made to your roster for the remainder of the event.
• All teams must present a completed COERVER® CUP Waiver and Medical Authorization form for each player.


• The COERVER® CUP is open to all boy's and girl's age groups, as well as Men's and Womens open groups.
• Teams will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once an age group fills, teams will be placed on a waiting list and duly notified of their acceptance.
• If an age group does not have enough teams, teams registered will be given the opportunity to play up a category.
• Age groups offered are as follows:

Under 08-Born on 8/1/06 or after
Under 09-Born on 8/1/05 or after Under 14 – Born on 8/1/00 or after
Under 10-Born on 8/1/04 or after Under 15 – Born on 8/1/99 or after
Under 11-Born on 8/1/03 or after Under 16 – Born on 8/1/98 or after
Under 12-Born on 8/1/02 or after Under 17 – Born on 8/1/97 or after
Under 13-Born on 8/1/01 or after Under 18 – Born on 8/1/96 or after
Men's & Women's - open ages


• 5v5
• Maximum number of 5 players on the field: 4 field players and a goalie
• Will play a minimum of 3 games
• The maximum number of games is determined by the number of teams in an age group.
• Teams are generally scheduled two games on Saturday and one on Sunday.
• Minimum field size is 38 yards wide by 48 yards long; maximum of 40 yards wide by 52 yards long.
• Goal size is 4 feet high by 16 feet wide. Old school European 5v5 goals!!
• One referee per game.


• Teams may roster and dress up to 8 players.
• Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to begin a game.
• All players must meet the age requirements and be listed on the team roster with unique jersey numbers.
• Girls may roster on boys’ teams; boys may not roster on girls’ teams.
• Shin Guards must be worn by all players.
• No jewelry will be allowed.


• Completed and signed player waiver forms are approved at Team Check-in.
• Players must turn in a completed player waiver form in order to play. No waiver - no play policy.


• Teams may roster up to 8 players maximum and 6 players minimum.
• Double roster players are limited to two per team.
• Players may only play on one team in addition to their primary team, providing they are not playing on a team in the same age bracket and division.
• If age eligible, players may play up or down.


• Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions with their entire roster.
• Substitutions can be made at any time (on-the-fly). Referee will not stop play for a substitution.
• Players may enter the game at will from the half line, exiting player must be within 1 yard of the half line and completely leave the field.


• Throw-In will be taken as indirect kick-ins.
• Free kicks outside of the 2 point shooting line and corner kicks are direct.
• Defensive walls are required to be 8 yards from spot of foul.
• Goal keepers may restart with a throw, drop kick, or from a stationary ball played from inside the 8 yard goal area.


• No Off-Sides


• 16 yard shooting line in each half. Goals scored inside the line are 1 point. Goals scored on or outside the line are 2 points.
• 8 yard goalkeeper area. Goalkeeper may not handle the ball outside of the 8 yard area.


• 1 point will be awarded for any goal scored from an own goal or shot originating inside the 16 yard 2 point shooting line.
• 2 points will be awarded for any goal scored from a shot (from the attacking team) originating outside or on the 16 yard 2 point shooting line. Deflections from teammates inside the 16 yard 2 point shooting line will disqualify the shot as a 2 pointer. Any deflections from defending players will not affect the 2 point status.


• The first team listed in the schedule is the home team.
• The home team must have an alternate jersey and be prepared to change, if, in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict. Practice bibs worn over jersey may be acceptable (as long as number can be seen).
• Team jerseys must match with unique numbers for each player (if applicable) as submitted on the Official Roster.
• No sharing of jerseys permitted.


• Round Robin Game length is 40 minutes, consisting of two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime break.
• Round Robin Games will have a running clock monitored by the Starter.
• Starter will signal at 2 minutes and at 30 seconds prior to the start of the game, and at halftime, with two air horn blasts.
• Starter will signal the start of the game and the end of each half with one air horn blast.
• Playoff Games will have a running clock monitored by the Referee
• Playoff Games will have one 5 minute extra time period (Golden Goal) if the game is tied at the end of regulation.
• Playoff Games will be settled by a Penalty Kick Shootout if tied after the 5 minute extra time period.


• After every game the referee will complete a game card to report the score. The winning coach must verify both scores on the game card after the game. Any scores that are marked incorrectly on the game card will affect the standings and playoff standings. Game cards are collected by tournament runners and brought to Tournament Headquarters for recording.
• Scores are posted on the event web site within 20 mins of completion of game.


• Game balls will be provided by the COERVER® CUP.
• If additional balls are needed, they may be provided by either team.
• U8-U12 teams use a size 4 ball.
• U13 and up teams use a size 5 ball.


• Teams and coaches on rosters only will position themselves on the same side of the field.
• Coaching may only occur on the team’s half of the sideline from the centerline to within 10 yards of the end line.
• Spectators for both teams will be positioned on the opposite side of the field from the teams.
• Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervision of their children at all times.
• In the event that a child is lost, immediately notify any volunteer with a radio who will notify the police.
• Found children will be brought to Tournament Headquarters to be reunited with parents/guardians.


• The COERVER® CUP prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol at any COERVER® youth event. Players or parents in violation will be ejected from the event.
• The COERVER® CUP is committed to promoting an environment that is free from harassment and violence in any form: verbal or physical intimidation; vandalism; drug, alcohol or tobacco use; gambling and inappropriate language. These policies apply to all players, coaches, referees and spectators.
• Pets are not permitted.


• Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated on or off the field.
• Know and understand the laws of the game. Educate players on the technical/tactical/physical demands of the game.
• Zero tolerance for fighting or heckling. Persons exhibiting these behaviors will be asked to leave the premises.
• Be a positive role model. Set the standard for sportsmanship with the opponents, referees and spectators.
• Encourage moral and social responsibility.
• Encourage players to have fun and to keep a positive attitude about winning and losing.
• Any player, coach, spectator or participant who is ejected from a game or participates in any misconduct will be contacted by Tournament Headquarters; the local authorities may be called if necessary. Misconduct by any of the above listed may result in a warning, game forfeit, event disqualification or other action if necessary.


• A field manager system is utilized to keep the games on time and as a first line of communication in the event of a problem.
• There will be one field manager for every two to three fields.
• Each field manager will have a communications radio.
• Only tournament officials may use the field manager’s tents. This is not a meeting or gathering place for teams or players.
• There will be limited pre-game warm-up on the field.


• Yellow cards will be administered as per FIFA laws of the game.
• A player receiving a yellow card in a game will not be allowed to play for 2 minutes and the team must serve a 2 minute penalty by playing one player short for the duration of 2 minutes or unless the opposing team scores.
• A player receiving two yellow cards in a single game will be issued a red card.


• Red cards will be administered as per FIFA laws of the game.
• A player sent off will not be allowed to play for the remainder of that game, and will serve a one game suspension.
• A coach who is removed from a game must leave that area of the field. The area of the field includes but is not limited to the bench and spectator areas. Coach will not be allowed on the team sideline for remainder of the event.


• No protests will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee. All decisions by the referee are final.
• Protests on player eligibility and other technical matters may be made in writing and submitted to The COERVER® CUP headquarters within one hour of the conclusion of the match. All decisions by the event Director are final.
• Express concerns to The COERVER® CUP Headquarters or Field Manager regarding violations prior to the start of the game or at the time the incident occurs.
• If you have a problem regarding the rules or procedures at your game, take the following steps:
• Notify the referee immediately so that a correction can be made.
• If the situation is not resolved, notify the field manager and a COERVER® CUP official will respond.


• Teams will be divided into groupings for round robin play.
• Teams will be assigned at least three games in initial play and will play games against other teams within its group, or crossover games if applicable.
• Groups with three teams will play two games within their own group and one game against a team from another group.
• All games do count in the group standings for determining play-off placement
• Forfeits: The COERVER® CUP will make every effort to avoid a forfeit. A forfeit may only be decided by COERVER® CUP Headquarters. The COERVER® CUP philosophy is to put its effort into playing games rather than declaring forfeits. In general a forfeit will be called if a team consisting of at least 4 players is not on the field at the start of the scheduled game.


• No overtime will be played during group competition.
• Teams will be awarded three points for a win and one point for a tie.
• A forfeit score will be recorded as a 3-0 victory.
• The winning coach must sign the game card after verifying both scores (either coach may sign in the event of a tie). Any scores that are marked incorrectly on the game card will affect the standings.

• Following preliminary rounds, criteria in order of importance will determine placement for the play-off brackets:
• Greater number of points. Each team receives 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.
• Head to head winner.
• Goal difference. Subtract total goals allowed from total goals scored (max 5 per game).
• Greater number of goals.
• Earliest Application Date


• If playoff game is tied after regulation an extra 5 minute, Golden Goal time period will be played.
• If a team scores a goal within the 5 minutes, the game is over at that point. No more time will be played (Golden Goal).


• If tied after extra time, game will be decided by a Penalty Kick Shootout (5 second attempt).
• Each team will have 3 attempts, the team leading after 3 rounds of attempts wins.
• If tied after 3 attempts, the shootout will continue until one team leads after each additional round.
• Players cannot make a second attempt until all 8 players on the team have kicked. Teams may reorder after the 8 attempts.
• Kicker starts at the half line with a soccer ball, Goalkeeper starts on the goal line.
• Referee will signal the 5 second start with a blow of the whistle and will whistle at the 5 second mark.
• A goal will be awarded if the ball passes the goal line and is not touched by kicker on or after the whistle.
• The attempt is final if a player scores, when the ball comes to a complete stop in the field of play, ball goes out of bounds, ball is in possession of the Goalkeeper (determined by referee), or ball is touched by kicker on or after the 5 second whistle.
• No rebounds. Rebound attempts coming from the goal posts are not allowed.


• Individual awards are awarded to 1st place and 2nd place teams.
• All awards will be awarded at a ceremony area after the championship game.
• Photo opportunities are available at the award presentation area.


• If weather or the condition of fields makes it impossible to carry out the tournament to its full extent, the COERVER® CUP committee will make the necessary decisions concerning the rearrangement or cancellation of games for any reason. Every effort is made to play all games in their entirety. Fees are non-refundable, if games or the event are cancelled for any reason.


• Suspend games due to lightning or severe weather warnings.
• A game may be suspended by The COERVER® CUP committee without being cancelled or considered complete if in the second half of play. If the decision to terminate a game is made, and, if one half of the game has been played before termination for weather conditions, the game stands as a completed match.
• If it is necessary to suspend games due to lightning, suspension and “all clear” announcements will be made over be made over the radios to the field managers. Information will also be posted on the website.
• When games are suspended due to lightning, coaches and players are instructed to proceed to the nearest safe location: buses, cars, or building. Teams should not be on the playing fields, in tents or shelters during game suspension due to lightning.
• Coaches are requested to stay with their teams. A team representative may come to tournament headquarters to await updates.
• Coaches/players should stay in a safe location until they see field managers return to their posts with radios.
• Coaches and referees should then proceed to their respective field manager to receive instructions on resuming games.


• Coaches are considered guardians for underage participants when the parents are unavailable, and for all players regardless of age, when impairment of mental status renders the player incapable of making an informed decision. As such, they have a responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of the health and safety of the player.
• A coach’s decision to allow a participant to play, contrary to the recommendation of the medical staff, may leave the coach open to legal liability.
• If the coach is under the legal age, the team is required to have an official representative of legal age at the field who will serve as the legal guardian.
• Coaches are responsible for having emergency medical information for all players in their possession at all games.
• Referees are responsible for summoning the coach and first aid personnel onto the field, in the event of an injury.
• The injured player will first be evaluated on the field by first aid staff.
• If further evaluation is warranted, the injured player will be moved to the sideline when medically safe, according to emergency medical protocol.


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