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Welcome to the 2014 Coerver Michigan 5v5 Cup

Rules for the 2014 Coerver Michigan 5v5 Cup

Guiding principle for the Tournament is to keep it fast, fun and fair!

Boys U9 - U18
Girls U9 - U18
Men’s Open
Women’s Open

8 player rosters - 6 minimum
Rosters are frozen after check in
5 players on the field with 1 designated as GK in a GK uniform.

Field Size:
36 x 48 – All ages

Goal Size:
9’10 x 6’7 (Futsal size)

1 point for goals scored inside the shooting line.
2 points for goals scored from outside shooting line.
Kick in for ball out of play where ball went out
Yellow card = 2 minute penalty. Return to full squad if opponents score.
Red card = Player out of Game. 5 minute penalty. Team must play short for full 5 minutes.
Double yellow cards miss next game.
Double red card expelled from tournament.
Free substitution from half line
Restart kick-ins from goal area
No offsides

30 minute games, 5 minute half time
3 game minimum guarantee

Tournament Format:
Teams play in qualifying pool group.
Team can advance to knockout stages by winning group or being a placeholder
3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss

Tie Breakers:
In case of tie, winner decided by head to head record
If still tied, decided by best goal differential (max 5 per game)
If still tied, team with most goals
If still tied, penalty kick shootout to decide
If knockout stage game is tied after regulation, 5 minutes golden goal
If stll tied, penalty kick shootout to decide

Penalty Kick Shootout:
Kicker starts at the half line, Goalkeeper on the goal line
Referee signals start with a blow of the whistle
Kicker has 5 seconds to shoot the ball, no rebounds
Goal is awarded if ball passes the goal line, shot must have occurred before the 5 second rule
5 shooters followed by 1, 1, 1
Team leading after 5 kicks wins
If tied after 5, go to golden goal thereafter
If tied after 8 kicks, return to shooter #1

FIFA rules apply

No Off-Sides

Are indirect kick-ins

Corner Kick:
Are direct

Goal Kicks:
Are indirect

Fouls outside shooting line are direct, fouls inside shooting line are indirect

Defensive Walls:
8 yards from spot of ball

Pass backs cannot be picked up by the GK

Violent or dangerous play or foul and abusive language is carded

Cannot be changed after check in. Teams violating this policy will forfeit game(s) in question in group stage and automatically sent to consolation bracket if in knockout stage.

May enter the game at will from the half line, exiting player must be within 1 yard of the half line

Any ties after regulation time will be settled by 5 minutes of sudden death

All decisions on the field will be made by the referee. All protests should be directed to the tournament director within 30 minutes of end of game.

The Tournament Director:
Has the final decision in any dispute or conflict


Coerver Michigan 5v5 Cup

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